Hexagon's statement about OMT's services

Hexagon's statement about OMT's services

To whom it may concern
OMT employees have under the former OSS ship yard at Lindø in Denmark helped Hexagon PPM to specify and develop Intelliship today evolved into S3D so called Hexagon Smart Marine solution.

Due to the advanced, modern and highly automated production environment at Lindø Yard at the time, OMT was able to help Hexagon PPM to develop an intelligent end to end Ship Yard solution from design to production, based on same advanced integration and production ready design that is key part of the OMT concept and offerings today.

Please see these videos for further explanation and elaboration on the valuable competence that OMT process today because of the history in real life shipbuilding of as advanced ships as the Royal Danish Navy ships and Maersk super large container ships; i.e.

– “Design for production & Production by design”.

• OMT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrXRvhtKO4M
• Smart Yard - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeOeqsu3tJw

“The AOPS 3D model, in addition to being extremely detailed for that time, it was also interlinked with three different 2D design tools creating

  1. 1. Piping diagrams,
  2. 2. Electrical diagrams and
  3. 3. Instrumentation diagrams

Ensuring all data was inherited, the data integrity was consistent and the design consistent with the 3D model. Or In other words; OMT was correlating design data with the 3D Model and in that way ensuring data consistency from early design to the creation of production data.

This integration is not seen before in the shipbuilding industry and underlines OMT’s positions as one of the most competent 3D design companies in the world.”

Carsten Lau, Executive Nordic Area Sales manager & OMT global account Manager

“OMT resources have been exceptional in the support and delivery of a joint vision for our next generation shipyard solution, several of their key ideas are reflected in our smart yard portfolio. OMT has been involved during the early ideas all the way to verifying and implementing those during several actual design projects proven their impacts”

Marcel M. Veldhuizen, Managing Director at NESTIX Oy – part of Hexagon PPM

“OMT have been a one of the front runners using S3D to its limits e.g. within

We have also had the pleasure of witnessing how OMT e.g. for the Canadian AOPS project have created some of the most detailed 3D ship designs within S3D that we have ever seen. Due to our global internal Hexagon PPM corporation, I have many times been contacted by one of my colleagues around the world who have been at a yard where OMT has been and helped the yard as consultants e.g. for improved yard efficiency based on intelligence and rule based automated production with maximum utilization of the engineering design and advanced 3D model. A yard optimized by OMT is typically far above the efficiency level seen in other local yards in the specific area”

Najaf Bashir, Technical Director Hexagon PPM

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