Twin Fin Propulsion

Twin Fin Propulsion

We deliver low consuming, price winning propulsion design for the toughest demands bringing safety into the arctic.

For modern offshore vessels, azimuth thrusters are the most common dieselelectric propulsion system. But this makes the vessel more vulnerable, especially in tough arctic seas, as a breakdown to the angle gears and other mechanical parts often means heading to dry dock for repair.

A more reliable alternative can be conventional diesel-electric or dieselmechanical propulsion with a long shaft and machinery positioned inside the hull. But the gear and electric motor take up valuable space, and is also difficult to retrofit on an azimuth-fitted vessel.

The solution 
Odense Maritime Technology, Caterpillar Marine and Scandinavian Marine Group got together to develop the compact Twin Fin design based on well-proven and robust components.


Picture below: First Twin Fin fitted vessel is a retrofit delivered from Damen Group - Shipdoc Yard Amsterdam It is a Seismic Survey Vessel ‘NAILA’ type Ulstein SX124 belonging to Owner Polarcus DMCC.

Two existing azimuth thrusters are exchanged with Twin Fin increasing the bollard pull with almost 40% equivalent to the fuel saving obtained with the conversion.